02 April 2011

Books, birthdays, and blogging...

Wow. I need to get used to this regular blogging thing. Thinking about giving this a makeover... Anyway, I finished Afterlife the other day and it was pretty fantastic. I'm extremely sad that the series is over, but I'm looking foreward to Balthazar's story.
A couple day ago, after one of my regular trips to Borders, I started reading The Iron Thorn by Caitlin Kittredge and I cannot gush enough about how amazing that book is. I'm completely in love with the whole steampunk setting and the fact that magic and witches play a huge part in the story line. Its one of those literary worlds that I could spend the rest of my live in.
Another note, my birthday is coming up soon. YAY! Although the faerie ornimate I ordered for myself from the Sacred Mists Shoppe hasn't arrived yet, I'm pretty excited.
So as my book wish list dwindles down to pre-orders, I bid thee (whoever it is who actually reads my blog) farewell.

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