05 October 2010

My brain is crammed.

Well. Someone needs to take my brain away from me. It won't stop thinking.
My ears hurt. I wonder how you operate an electric chair. Vampires sleep in coffins? That's soo cheesy. I can't wait to kick Film Club's ass tomorrow. They deserve it. FILM CLUB GENOCIDE! Haha, cats. "Liiiithiiiiuuummm." Ew. That version is C. R. A. P. Pandora, can you please play something I haven't heard before? Sara Barellies! I love Sara Barellies! I don't like ads, don't you know that Pandora? But I don't wanna do homework... I don't CARE about milk. I gotta go potty. But I don't want to move. Baby ballerina? Huh? I'm sweepy... Screw you Chemistry, write your own essay. Haha AUSTRALIAN! Ooooo pancakes... Wait. What? Do they ever notplay video games? God, I never get the TV when I want it. Sniff. I wanna watch Haven. WHAT THE HECK?! Wait... NIU? What are you doing on Pandora? Gasp! Is this Sara Barellies? Yes! Hmmm... I want to eat more cheese sticks. CAKE! I want cake too. Reading. Reading is good. I wanna read. But I gotta pee. I can read AND pee! Yeah! SHE'S A GOOD DOGGY! SHE'S A SWWWEEEEEET PUPPY! Hmm... my neck hurts. My eyes hurt. I hope they don't explode. Tick tick BOOM.
Yeah. Someone really, REALLY needs to take my brain away from me.

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