09 October 2010

Hmm... Can't think of a title for this one. Let's call it "Stuff."

AHH!! I can't wait wait WAIT fot the new Nancy Drew game, Shadow at the Water's Edge, to get here!! Ordered it yesterday. (My brother is reading this over my shoulder and he needs to learn to STOP DOING THAT. Oh yes you are.)  The other day I counted how many books I've read since August and came up with 15. Ohhh yeshhh.
Anyway, random comments out of the way, I'd like to talk about my room for some reason. I love it. Alot of people like their room because its the only place they can be alone. I love it because all my books and music are there. I would absolutely love to redecorate it so it has this eerie, vintage-y, Halloween feel to it, but oh well.
My Halloween lights that stay up all year :)

The greastest thing in my room-- my bookshelf :)

My keyboard. Her name is Alys.

I <3 this sign :D


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