23 December 2010

I'm baaaack.

I've completely forgotten about you blog. I'm so very sorry. Well, anyway, I was looking up YA publishers today and wound up on the Random House website where I found this book:
Well I just about spazzed out. Forever I've been in love with the Roaring 20's and I just happen to find a series about flipping FLAPPERS. Best. Day. Ever.  Let's just hope its as good as it sounds. If Lauren Kate thinks so, then it has to be (Fallen is amazing).  Off to Borders I will go tomorrow to get Vixen and to browse.  I doubt that will be the only book I walk out with.  Hmm... I'm sounding quite boring right now.  I just relized I wrote "flipping flappers." Ha! Flip flap!

09 October 2010

Hmm... Can't think of a title for this one. Let's call it "Stuff."

AHH!! I can't wait wait WAIT fot the new Nancy Drew game, Shadow at the Water's Edge, to get here!! Ordered it yesterday. (My brother is reading this over my shoulder and he needs to learn to STOP DOING THAT. Oh yes you are.)  The other day I counted how many books I've read since August and came up with 15. Ohhh yeshhh.
Anyway, random comments out of the way, I'd like to talk about my room for some reason. I love it. Alot of people like their room because its the only place they can be alone. I love it because all my books and music are there. I would absolutely love to redecorate it so it has this eerie, vintage-y, Halloween feel to it, but oh well.
My Halloween lights that stay up all year :)

The greastest thing in my room-- my bookshelf :)

My keyboard. Her name is Alys.

I <3 this sign :D


05 October 2010

My brain is crammed.

Well. Someone needs to take my brain away from me. It won't stop thinking.
My ears hurt. I wonder how you operate an electric chair. Vampires sleep in coffins? That's soo cheesy. I can't wait to kick Film Club's ass tomorrow. They deserve it. FILM CLUB GENOCIDE! Haha, cats. "Liiiithiiiiuuummm." Ew. That version is C. R. A. P. Pandora, can you please play something I haven't heard before? Sara Barellies! I love Sara Barellies! I don't like ads, don't you know that Pandora? But I don't wanna do homework... I don't CARE about milk. I gotta go potty. But I don't want to move. Baby ballerina? Huh? I'm sweepy... Screw you Chemistry, write your own essay. Haha AUSTRALIAN! Ooooo pancakes... Wait. What? Do they ever notplay video games? God, I never get the TV when I want it. Sniff. I wanna watch Haven. WHAT THE HECK?! Wait... NIU? What are you doing on Pandora? Gasp! Is this Sara Barellies? Yes! Hmmm... I want to eat more cheese sticks. CAKE! I want cake too. Reading. Reading is good. I wanna read. But I gotta pee. I can read AND pee! Yeah! SHE'S A GOOD DOGGY! SHE'S A SWWWEEEEEET PUPPY! Hmm... my neck hurts. My eyes hurt. I hope they don't explode. Tick tick BOOM.
Yeah. Someone really, REALLY needs to take my brain away from me.

04 October 2010

Don't burst my bubble, kay?

So I sign onto Twitter today andd who is following me? Katie Alender! AHH!!! I know if you follow someone they usually follow you as well but STILL. Then I continued my interwebs adventure to Facebook where I saw that on Amy Bruni's fanpage is a link to her normal facebook account. So what do I do? "Add as friend." And what do I get a few hours later? "Accepted." AHHH!!! Pretty awesome huh? I completely missed a Suzanne Collins book signing, but my little interwebs adventure made up for it. Sorta.

--This is the second time I've typed this up because it crapped out on me the first time and I keep getting distracted by some Sandra Bullock movie that my mom is watching...

Me? Blogging? Noooo...

If I said to myself two weeks ago that I was going to start a blog, I would've slapped myself across the face. Blogs aren't usually my thing, but look where I am now. This whole schism is brought to you by my never ending obsession with lists. I was making a list of author information yesterday and found that many on that list have blogs here, so I thought, hey why not! I love writing and rambling so, here we are. I blogging. Whoop-dee-doo.